Paint Coagulant;
Hydrotur paint sludge treatment chemicals are preferred much in order to reduce cleaning and maintenance costs by prolonging the life cycle of the water in the processes with water screen or venture type. Also, companies that give importance to paint application and try to avoid stopping the production need these chemicals as consumables for the paint separator systems that remove the paint from the water automatically.
Our coagulant chemicals are used with the purpose of eliminating stickiness and painting properties of oversprayed paint in the water, preventing possible sticking and obstructions in the lines and separate the paint in an easier way. As a result of studies done together with Bologna University, HYDROITALIA reactors are produced and put on market within the framework of all quality standards. We perform its distribution and technical services for Turkey and close neighbouring countries.


Paint Flocculants;
Paint Flocculants (paint floating chemical )that makes both solvent and water based paint float in the upper phase, gives opportunity to remove sludge from spray boot in faster and easier way.
Paint Flocculants are reliably used in painting plant processes with water screen and venture type.
Paint Precipitators;
In the event that there are heavy metals such as zinc in the paint at a high rate, systematic solutions are not wanted and that paint is desired to be collected in booth basin and cleaned at specific frequencies, not in water screen, Hydrotur paint precipitators are suggested.
Antifoams used in various sectors are provided to our customers with their proper contents. Our product range also contain oil based products with silicon for other sectors in addition to antifoams without silicon used in painting plants.
Because it is a concentrated product, its used amounts and the acquired results is very successful.