About Us

We are a dynamic team that has been providing services in “Water and Air Treatment “ sector since 2008 and has been growing and becoming stronger. Our company, which improves itself by increasing its product range in accordance with the market and customer needs, increased its sensitivity to the environment and became an ecology company after supporting its cooperation with HYDROITALIA about water treatment with the FORMECO company about solvent recycling devices and BROFIND company about air treatment.
With our design, project, engineering, technical support, service, quality control and consulting services that we provide with the team understanding, we are continuing to grow by offering our difference to our customers in the competition environment that has been getting sharp.

In your projects we undertake as your solution partner, in the light of ISO and OHSAS certificates, we always aim to provide services without sacrificing our commitment to ethical values. 

In this regard, with “il risultato è importante”, the slogan we created for ourselves as a principle, we will continue to offer result-oriented services.